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Home sweet home

Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm starting to think we may stay in this house awhile longer. We passed the two year mark in April and didn't sell, and now the market in softening a bit. Although none of our moves were really planned... so I guess I can't say with absolute certainty that we're not going anywhere.

Anyhoo... that leads me up to my point. (Really, I have a point.) One of the things I dislike about this house is that it's so freakin' big. Yes, a house can be too big. Especially for two people. I am now on a quest to make the house a little more appealing, to me at least. So yesterday I went to World Market and bought a whole bunch of prints and frames. Today's project...put them together and hang 'em up. Maybe having more stuff on the walls will create the illusion of a cozier house.

2 comment(s):

MackAttack said...

Jill, post some pictures of the finished product!!

BellysMomma said...

Yes yes, I want to see pictures too! Especially of the surfboard picture.
Your house is beautiful Jill. It wouldn't be bad thing if you stayed there....

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