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Antiquities, a book and a movie

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm finally getting around to last weekend's events. I did all sorts of stuff (for me). In order, here's the rundown...

1. Getty Villa
Friday, my mom and I took a bus tour down to Malibu to see the Getty Villa. The villa is a museum full of Greek and Roman antiquities, and the building itself is modeled after an ancient villa that was buried when Vesuvius erupted. When Getty proposed the idea of a villa/museum, it was considered pretty radical (read loony) at the time. Today, it makes perfect sense. The villa was cooler than the art, especially the peristyles (aka the garden areas). Here are a few pictures:

I could live there.

3. The Thirteenth Tale
The weekend wouldn't be complete without a book! On Saturday I finished what might possibly be my favorite-ist book of the year. This is a book for those who love books! It's also got a really good mystery and some good twists to it.

4. Black Dahlia
On Sunday, my mom and I went to see this movie. Good, but a little (okay, a lot) gory in parts. It was very film noir.

So there you have it...my eventful weekend!

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