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Blind as a bat

Monday, September 11, 2006

I just got back from the eye doctor. My eyes are so dilated it's a good thing I didn't get pulled over by the cops! In fact, they're so dilated I can't see very well. Hopefully, it'll wear off soon so I can go read a book...and also so I don't look like I'm strung out on some drug.
My eye is still not a happy camper. We think I've become intolerant to contacts, which is a major bummer. We're going to try one last thing before giving up. I have another week of antibiotics and flooding my eye with eye drops, then I'm going to try daily disposable contacts for a few days and then go back to see how my eye looks. If it's still irritated, then bye-bye contacts. :-(
On a positive note, I was eligible for frames, so I get a new pair of glasses. I love the ones I got last year, but they are a little too narrow and interfere with my field of vision at times. So if I'm going to be wearing more of my glasses, at least I'll have a pair I can see out of.
However, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the daily disposable contacts will work because I so do not want to wear glasses all the time.

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