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Darn, I forgot to wear my black stocking cap

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I just broke into a house.

Okay, okay...it was our rental. And the house was open. But the renter had locked herself out of the bedroom. (I guess she forgot to unlock the door the next morning and then later closed the door while on the wrong side.) Luckily, the window was open, so I pried off the screen and crawled through the window.

Evidently she's a little paranoid. She closes the bedroom door and locks it at night, because she's scared someone will break in. Since she lives in one of the cheapest looking houses on the block (call me slumlord) I doubt she has much to worry about.

So I broke into a house and did a good dead all at the same time. No one told me breaking and entering was part of a landlord's duties, though.

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Mackenzie said...

You're such a good Slumlord, Jill!!

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