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Move along...nothing but another short book review

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

No, I don't always read at this pace. I also go through periods where I slack off on journaling the books I've read. So it's probably a relief to know you won't be seeing this every day:

The End of Vandalism, by Tom Drury.

This book is a collection of stories, more than it is a novel. Although the stories do flow together and the characters appear throughout the book. There's really not much in the way of plot, though. It's more about life in a small Midwestern county, where not a whole lot happens other than daily living and strange characters abound. In a way, the book style reminds me of Kent Haruf (Plainsong). The setting and the dialogue are familiar...small town life and stilted conversations. But the occasionally hilarious observations and true to life characters made it worth reading. I'm going to pass this one on to my mom and uncle... my mom will probably see similarities to Dufur (aka BFE Oregon, where I spent 5 years of my young life) and Uncle Bill will, I think, appreciate the writing.

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