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Public Service Announcement

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I moved over to the new beta version of Blogger...obviously, you can still find me and everything looks pretty much the same. However...

Evidently, I can't post comments as "softdrink" for the time being. They're still working on that little feature (actually, it's a big feature which one would think would have been worked out prior to going beta, but I digress). So I may be popping up as "anonymous" for awhile. Maybe I'll start a second blog using the old format and be "anonymous softdrink."

Why move to beta? Because I couldn't get half my pictures to post, which was frustrating as all get out. They've fixed that little quirk in the new version, so I've (partially) forgiven them for not letting me post comments as myself.

Other than that, the beta version is pretty darn similar. You can play with the look of your blog a little easier, too.

That's all...HB is off being a Moloch, so I'm going to crank up the heater (yes, it's freakin' freezing here in MB!!) and go back to my piles of books.

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Mackenzie said...

this is a test

Mackenzie said...

ok, Jill, seriously, I wrote you two (long) posts on each of your two most recent posts and each time it would not save them due to an error. then i read this post and thought maybe it was during your beta transition and that's why... and my test worked... so i guess i can post to you now. it was so sad though each night to write to you and have it dissapear!!

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