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softdrink plays Susie Homemaker

Monday, September 04, 2006

I spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday redecorating (and cleaning) the upstairs. My mom met me at World Market on Saturday to get the shelves. Then we came back here and put them together and lugged the couch up from downstairs. Of course, after she left I decided I didn't like the location of one of the shelves and I moved it across the room. Which meant moving other stuff. Anyway, here's the end result...

dining room (I have since moved the tall plant in the corner. It now lives in front of the short wall on the left that you can't see in the picture and a shorter plant took its place):

living room (I skipped one wall, but the window and chair haven't changed):

and the dining room and the space formerly known as the great empty wasteland:

HB and I are both very happy with how it turned out. HB said he liked the feel of it, that it felt homey. Of course, he'd just gotten home from camping, so anything with four walls and a bed would probably qualify as homey. ;-)

Here are the pics from last weekend's efforts...

the bedroom:

Our house is now a mixture of travel pictures (France, Italy) and ocean pictures (lighthouses, the sea and surfboards). HB complimented them all, though. It definately represents the two of us!

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MackAttack said...

Jill - great job!! You are a good homemaker! ;)
I especially like the diagonal (ladder style?) bookcase in the living room. I can't wait to see it in person in November! And to take a trip to T.T.!! :)

BellysMomma said...

The house looks great Jill! I agree with HB, very homey. Bravo!

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