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Last week's books

Monday, October 02, 2006

To follow up on Banned Books Week, Mackenzie asked me what my favorite banned books are. Going off of this list, I would say the Harry Potter series, A Wrinkle in Time and To Kill a Mockingbird.

I didn't read any banned books last week, but I did read these books...

Alligator, by Lisa Moore. I could've skipped this book and been a perfectly happy person. The book hops between some loosely intertwined characters. There's Colleen, a budding eco-terroist, who put sugar in the gas tanks of tractors. Colleen's mom, Beverly, is still lost in grief after the death of her husband 6 years earlier. Madeleine, Colleen's aunt, is consumed by her career as a filmmaker. Valentin, the sociopathic Russian sailor...well, Valentin has issues. And then there's poor Frank and his hot dog stand. Frank is the only reason I stuck with the book. Just my luck, Frank gets hosed. Anyway, Lisa Moore is a Canadian author and this book was a Canadian best seller. I usually love Canadian authors, but this was a dud.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter, by Kim Edwards. Better than Alligator, but still a bit of a disappointment. The book begins in 1964, when Dr. David Henry's wife gives birth to twins at his clinic during a snowstorm. The daughter has Down's Syndrome, and thinking he's doing everyone a favor, he gives the baby to his nurse to take to an institution and tells his wife the baby died. And then he never tells her the truth. Ever. Meanwhile, the nurse disappears with the baby and raises her as her own daughter. Dr. Henry has issues from his childhood that led him to make certain decisions, but good grief, get over yourself! Anyway, the book follows the two families for the next thirty years and then has a tidy little ending. However, I still can't get past Dr. Henry and his mammoth self-centeredness, not to mention the fact that most of the main characters couldn't quite seem to be truthful about their lives.

The Problem With Murmur Lee, by Connie May Fowler. Finally, a book I liked. Hard to explain, though. Murmur Lee drowns, and different narrators (including the drowned Murmur) explore her life in an effort to discover how she managed to drown. Lots of quirky characters, which explains why I liked this one.

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BellysMomma said...

Hmmm. Sorry you didn't enjoy the first two. The covers looked cool but you know what they say....

MackAttack said...

Hi Jill! Want to bring "a girl who could stand up" and "the book of bright ideas" for me to borrow this weekend and give back in November? I can't believe you're going to be at my house in two nights!!!

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