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Well, I won't be doing that again

Monday, October 30, 2006

Saturday I went wine tasting. 29 years on the Central Coast, and this is the first time I've ever been. And also probably the last.

Let me start by saying I had a good time. Really, I did. I went with a group of my mom's friends...this is the third year they've done this. They rent a limo and have the driver take them to 5 or 6 wineries. So I also got to ride in a limo for the first time. And also probably the last.

We met at Nancy's house around 10:00 and had yummy little quiches and fruit. The limo picked us up around 11 and we headed up to North County. First stop was Tobin James. Mmmmmm. They've got some great wines. Then we went to Bianchi, which is a beautiful little winery with a little pond. About this time my mom and I noticed we have expensive taste in wine. The spendy stuff definately tastes better! We ate lunch by the pond, then loaded back up and headed to Midnight (I think that's the name) Cellars and Dark Star. This is where I stopped tasting, since I'm such a light weight. At this point I had probably had two glasses of wine...at the most. Our last stop was Peachy Canyon, where I hung out with the resident kitten. After that, we headed back to Los Osos. We were probably 5 miles from being dropped off when I got sick. Me, who never gets carsick, who didn't even drink enough to be tipsy, got sick in the limo. Lovely, huh? I'll spare you the details, but at least I didn't get sick on anyone or anything.

Which is why I don't think I'll being doing that again.

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MackAttack said...

Jill, I don't want you to spare me the details! Come on, I want them all!!
Was the movie on Sunday good?

BellysMomma said...

Ohh, yucky Jill!!!!
But, don't give up on wine tasting or limos just yet. Next time just pop a Drammamine and you will be good to go!

MackAttack said...

Jill, come on... where are all the details?

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