- Fizzy Thoughts: Reason #57 why being a landlord sucks

Reason #57 why being a landlord sucks

Monday, November 13, 2006

So this is what our rental looked like after the tenant moved out...

Living room/dining room:
Laundry room:
More living room:Back porch:

Garage (ugh):

Mitch filled up his gigantic dump trailer with all of the crap and trash she left behind. Elmo found about 30 cents in pennies on the floor. We spent all of last weekend cleaning up the front yard and planting sod. Our wonderful moms spent 3 days during the week cleaning and painting the interior, and as of this last Friday it's for sale. Suprisingly, it even looks kind of cute at the moment. Any takers???

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Angela said...

Guess who won't be getting her security deposit back. Urgh.

How many square feet? (As if we can afford living on the coast.)

softdrink said...

Hey avanta! It's good to hear from ya!

It's about 1100 square feet...3 bd, 1 bath...for the low, low price of $349,000. And it's in Atascadero, so you still wouldn't be on the coast. :-(

BellysMomma said...

Oh Jill!! That sucks!!!

MackAttack said...

Jill, I think you should post some "after" pictures. Make that "after" "pictures." ;)

Did you keep all her deposit? You should have! You could use it to pay your moms for all their work!

Anyway, that was an interesting post. Good luck with the sale!

MackAttack said...

PS. What's Elmo going to buy with his sweet moolah?

softdrink said...

Elmo is a tightwad...he always manages to get people to buy him things so he never has to spend his own money.

We kept all of her deposit. I had to practically sit on my mom and force her to take money!

And I didn't take any after pictures. I didn't take any "after" "pictures" either. ;-)

Angela said...

Nuts. 1100 sq.ft. just isn't big enough. Now if it were 2100 sq.ft. for $349K we might have a deal! *grin*

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