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Baby it's cold outside

Monday, December 18, 2006

Elmo's freezing...

Shhh, don't tell ernie. Image yanked from erniekwiat.com.

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BellysMomma said...

You should tell Elmo he might be warmer if he wore more than boots, a hat and a scarf!

MackAttack said...

Kate, that's a funny post. :)

Elmo, I could see my breath this morning too! It was super sunny but very cold today. Then it got cloudy and rained. Weird.

I can't believe it's a WEEK until Christmas. Um... scary. Well, just overwhelming. What do you think Elmo? Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

softdrink said...

Hi Kate, Elmo here! Elmo would be lots warmer if softdrink bought Elmo some clothes!!! But softdrink spends all of softdrink's money on clothes for softdrink. Elmo doesn't get it. Doesn't softdrink love Elmo?

And hi Mackenzie! Elmo still here. Elmo's all done with Elmo's shopping. Elmo got a lump of coal for softdrink because now it's less than a week til Christmas (6 shoppping days...6!!) and there is not one single present for Elmo under the tree. Not one! Elmo knows, because Elmo opened all the presents. Bor-ing! Umm, in case you were wanting to get Elmo a present, Elmo wants a skateboard, and an iPod (red, of course!), and some Hot Wheels, and a trip to Disneyland, and any other cool stuff you want to get for Elmo.

Elmo loves you!

MackAttack said...

Wow. Elmo's quite outspoken! I have never really talked to him before. He's funny. I like how he opened all the presents. :)

ernie said...

Thanks for acknowledging my web site when you used the image. It shows you have respect for us starving illustrators. You are on Santa's nice list.

It's Lucky that Elmo has all that warm red fur. It is odd that I drew him keeping his ears warm. What ears?

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