- Fizzy Thoughts: Jack went up the hill (while Jill was driving down)

Jack went up the hill (while Jill was driving down)

Friday, April 20, 2007

I was driving down our neighborhood hill this morning when I passed a man walking up the hill. Nothing unusual there, it's a popular hill for walkers. It was raining, but there was also a jogger on the hill. Then I noticed he had a pack on his back, complete with bedroll. Okaaaaaaay, that threw me a bit, because our hill leads nowhere...it is simply the way into and out of our little neighborhood. But wait, there's more. The guy also had ski poles. That's what got me. Ski poles? In Morro Bay?? I must have spent the first 5 minutes of my drive to work wondering about the pack and ski poles.

Then I forgot all about it.

Fast forward to this evening, when I was reading a magazine. And came across the term Nordic Walking. That has to be what this guy was doing.

Huh. So I learned something new today.

And since I got curious and googled jack and jill for images, I'll leave you with this disturbing picture, which has me wondering... What does gelatin have to do with Jack, Jill, the hill and their bucket of water? Why is the gelatin mold so damn huge, compared to poor Jack and Jill? And why is Jill's skirt doing a good imitation of Marilyn Monroe?

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