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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I am currently reading Eat Pray Love, since Kate was raving about it last week. And since I was at the bookstore on Saturday, and it was 30% off, how could I not buy it?

Kate has a favorite Italian phrase from the book...il bel far niente, or the art of doing nothing. Cool, huh? I could get into that.

The author's favorite Italian word is attraversiamo, let's cross over, as in let's cross the street. I'll have to remember to use that one with my mom, just to further confuse her when we're in Rome.

Although not mentioned in the book, I'm liking sfasato. Confused. That will be me next week when I start my Italian class.

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MackAttack said...

what's the book about and do you like it? interesting title.

my sis has a shirt that says "the art of doing nothing" on it. it's orange and my parents got it for her in high school. she's a philosophy major and likes to think. a lot. :)

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