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My week

Sunday, April 29, 2007

After a few wrong turns (think LA and freeways), I'm back from San Diego.

I went to San Diego for work, and then stayed an extra day because I could. The work part was actually good. Jannine and I attended a training on writing curriculum. The actual title was "Creating Creative Curriculum," which totally sucks as a course title...go on, try and say it out loud. Mmm-hmm, told ya it sucks. Good thing the information presented was fantastic. And it totally reaffirmed my belief that we in Staff Development do not have curriculum. Which pretty much means, we suck too. Of course, Jannine and I are just lowly worker grunts, so we'll see how far we can actually take all of this good info. What would have been really helpful is if the managers would have attended the training. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Okay, it's Sunday, enough about work. My mom went with me to San Diego, mainly because she wanted to check out all the malls. On Wednesday, while I was incarcerated in training, she got adventurous and took the trolley to Old Town and explored on her own. Go Mom! Then we went down to Ocean Beach and walked around their Farmer's Market (just picture lots of hippies, dogs, and a biker bar) and had a fairly crappy dinner at a place called Shades. While we were cruising Farmer's Market I overheard someone telling their friend the one in SLO is much better because there are more free samples. I quote, "You could like totally eat dinner for free." Thursday, we were released at noon, so we hit some of the stores in Mission Valley before we headed north for our double date with Mackenzie and her mom. We had a fun dinner at Sammy's with them. And since Matt and Mackenzie are coupon clippers extraordinaire we got free yogurts at the Golden Spoon. Mmmmm. And I got to open birthday presents. Thanks Mackenzie! I'll be posting a photo of Pearl soon.

Friday we did some serious shopping at the Fashion Valley Mall (where security patrols the mall on Segways...I'm trying to picture how they would stop a shop lifter...do they just run them over?) before we went exploring. We cruised Mission Beach and then drove down to Coronado,

(No, I didn't take this picture, but I did drive over the really, really high bridge into Coronado. It made my hands all sweaty.)

where we made like rich folk and had drinks at the swanky bar overlooking the ocean at the Hotel Del Coronado. I love that building. I took a cool picture of my mom with the hotel behind her, but it was with my camera phone, so it will never be seen here. Unless I figure out how to send photos. Yeah, right. You can stop laughing now.

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MackAttack said...

great post jill. matt and i both enjoyed it. :) it made us laugh.

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