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The Trip

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Itinerary for Italy, 8/28/07-9/25/07

In two months, my mom and I leave for our long-awaited trip to Italy. Along the way, we will be meeting up with Sue and Lance (HB's mom and her husband), as well as my friend Kate and her family. It's been 16 years since I've been to Italy. My mom has never been. Here is an outline of where we are going...

Tuesday, 8/28/07 leave SLO and fly to Naples

SLO to San Francisco to Munich to Naples. Whew.

Wednesday, 8/29/07 arrive Naples

We are spending the night at a hotel in Naples before taking a bus to Sorrento the next morning.

Thursday, 8/30/07 arrive Sorrento

We are staying in Sorrento for two nights and then taking the train to Rome. Of course, we will be going to Pompeii and soaking up some Sorrento sun.

9/1/07 arrive Rome

We are meeting up with Sue and Lance and sharing an apartment with them in Rome. We will be doing all the typical Rome things, (Coliseum, Forum, Vatican, Trevi Fountain...), as well as going to Tivoli and Ostia Antica. Kate and her family arrive on 9/5 and are staying in an apartment in the same building. On 9/8 we are renting 3 cars and driving to Tuscany.

9/8/07 arrive Tuscany

The 12 of us are staying in a villa near Pontessieve. We will be going into Florence, drinking wine, visiting Siena, drinking wine, checking out a nearby castle, drinking wine... You get the picture.

Saturday, 9/15/07 arrive Vanzo

Kate and her entourage are leaving for Sorrento and Sue, Lance, my mom and I will be heading north. We are staying in an apartment in Vanzo (about ½ hour SW of Venice) for a week. Other than Venice, I haven't given this week a whole lot of thought.

9/22/07 arrive Verona

On 9/22 we head for Verona, to return the rental car and say goodbye to Sue and Lance, who are flying home from Milan. Mom and I will spend our last few nights in Verona before flying home.

Tuesday, 9/25/07 leave Verona and fly home

Verona to Munich to Chicago to LAX to SLO. Let the jet lag begin.

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