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4th of luglio

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I learned the Italian word for July in class last night. Luglio. Which just makes me giggle when I try to say it, because my mouth really doesn't want to make that combination of sounds.

So far I've learned how to have a basic conversation with a stranger. I live in hope that someone asks me if I'm American, because I can handle the two word e (sorry, I don't know how to add the accent) americana. And if I have a brain freeze, I can always nod my head. The teacher also had us singing along to Enrico Caruso's Santa Lucia. We sucked.

So today is the fourth. Of July. I'm not a very patriotic person, so it's not doing a whole lot for me. Although I am grateful for the day off work, because I have a huge pile of laundry calling my name. Morro Bay will have it's annual fireworks show, and we'll be able to see some of it (if it isn't too foggy) from the dining room window. Which is sort of cool, except I have to be at work at 6am the next morning, so this is notice to the neighbors to get all the fireworks out of your system early. Call me Scrooge.

Remember doing this as a kid? Someone at work mentioned sparklers yesterday, and I had an instant flashback to waving them around and drawing pictures in the air.

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