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Too Much Dario

Monday, July 16, 2007

I did it. I finally finished Too Much Tuscan Sun. And since I've already wasted too much time on him, all I'm going to say is the author is an ethnocentric pompous ass.

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Deborah said...

LOL, Jill.
You know when he first published that book, he was on SlowTalk for a while.
Several of us took some exception to the tone of the book.
He got his feelings hurt and left SlowTalk right away.
I don't remember who, but one of our regulars back then is a friend of his and says he really didn't mean to sound the way he did.
I personally think he did mean to sound the way he did. He just didn't realize that making fun of American Tourists in a book written for an American audience would backfire on him.

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