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2 weeks, 6 days

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ecco, my new suitcase...

Because, you know, I just can't pack light. And I need some extra room, because there's no way I'm spending four weeks in Italy without buying anything.

So it's a 25 incher, and supposedly weighs in at a trim 8.6 lbs. Isn't it purty? Hopefully, it'll arrive soon, because all I have left to do is pack. Oh, and email to confirm reservations. And break in my shoes. And charge the rechargeable batteries. And sort through the guidebooks to decide who gets to go and who has to stay home. And make sure I have all our directions printed out. And figure out when and where we're meeting up with Sue and Lance. And figure out how we're getting from Termini to the apartment in Rome. Ack! And panic.

I just happened to glance over at the Rick Steves phrasebook sitting on my desk (because I still need to see if it is worthy of the trip), and this is what is on the back cover...

Se non rallenta, vomito. If you don't slow down, I'll throw up. Lovely.

3 comment(s):

MackAttack said...

nice suitcase! will yours be that color?

softdrink said...

Yup, it's copper! My mom's is taupe...it was either that, or baby blue. The discontinued colors are on sale for dirt cheap, and we're all about the cheap.

MackAttack said...

sa-weet! :)

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