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At the movies

Saturday, August 18, 2007

I had a sneaking suspicion that HB wouldn't like The Bourne Ultimatum, but he so rarely wants to go see a movie that I didn't voice my doubts. Hey, who am I to pass up an opportunity for popcorn and candy?

And I was right. He loathed it, going so far as to state it was probably the worst movie he'd ever seen. Personally, I thought it was an entertaining, although highly unbelievable, story. Wait, the unethical CIA actions I can believe. But Matt Damon's character should've died about 20 different times in the movie. Maybe more. And for someone who couldn't even remember his original identity, I have a hard time believing he knew his way around the alleyways and side streets of Tangier. Oh well. There were some good chase scenes, a few amusing moments where the CIA looked like fools, and lots of blood. I threw that last bit in as a warning for those of you who don't like to look at the red stuff in your movies. There was even a modern day Batman fight scene. Instead of POW! Bam! Kerplooey!! they used whoop, whoop, whoops as sound effects during the kung-fu moves.

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ourpartyof4 said...

I still want to go see it, blood and all. Sorry HB!

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