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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Evidently someone is filming a war movie in Morro Bay and last night was the helicopter scene. We couldn't figure out why there were helicopters circling over head (first there were two, then there were four, and they were loud! They were flying so low our house was shaking. Yikes!). Finally, HB made the connection to the movie. The only reason he knew about the movie is because one of his surf spots was closed for filming. I went to take a picture, but the rechargeable batteries were dead. Those things suck! They aren't holding their charge, so I'm back to toting the AAs to Italy. Bummer.
So HB and I were being quite curmudgeonly last night, bitching about the fact that the Pit (the surf spot) was closed and the house was shaking due to the helicopters and who gave them permission to buzz our house anyway? I wonder what all the real Morro Bay curmudgeons (trust me, there are a lot) thought?

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