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My bologna has a first name...

Friday, August 17, 2007

Driving home from work today, I saw...

the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! I actually saw it twice. The first time it passed me as I was merging onto the freeway. I looked over to see a giant hot dog in the fast lane. A bit surreal, that. Especially when I noticed the personalized license plate - YUMMY. I saw it again when I was at a stoplight and it went cruising through the intersection.

That thing can move. For those of you familiar with SLO I got off at the Morro Bay northbound exit and I could still see it ahead of me. It must have exited at California, because I was at Santa Rosa and Foothill when it rolled through the intersection headed for Foothill Plaza. I'm still wondering where they were headed. Can you even imagine pulling up to a gas station in that thing??

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ourpartyof4 said...

What the heck was it doing in the fast lane?? Isn't the speed limit for weenie mobiles 35 on the freeways?

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