- Fizzy Thoughts: My meez must wear contacts...

My meez must wear contacts...

Friday, August 10, 2007

...because she can't stop blinking.

What does it say about popular culture that there was only one (1!) background for my meez that involved books?

And it's one of the most inhospitable libraries I've ever seen. Tile floor?? Think of the noise!

And another thing...the choices for short hair suck. Not to mention, I haven't been that skinny since, well, never.

Despite all the complaints, it's my new profile shot, at least for the time being.

2 comment(s):

sognatrice said...

Yeah, I agree--that library looks really cold, but overall, it *is* a pretty cute profile shot :)

Thanks for the link love; I look forward to looking around here a bit...have you entered the contest at my site???

softdrink said...

Unfortunately, I don't think it looks much like me.

Thanks for the contest reminder...I just went and posted a comment. :-)

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