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Italy Trip: Day Four

Sunday, September 30, 2007


Ah, the day I've been dreading. Schlepping the suitcase on the train from Sorrento to Naples to Rome. Luckily, Sue and Lance have already made the reverse trip. And bonus, Lance knows the big-ass suitcases (okay, they're not that big, but when you wheel them everywhere they become larger than life) slide under the train seats. Evviva! So now I'm sitting next to an Italian dude on the train who asked me something in Italian and got a blank look in return. I think he's pointing out the sights. Oh wait...he's telling Lance when is the best time to take a picture of Vesuvius from the train window.

We made it to Rome without any problems. The Naples train station turned out to be a breeze, and we timed it just right. We were able to board the train to Rome right after we bought our tickets. We had reserved seats in a compartment for 6 - we shared with a mama and her spoiled son. She had to get his sandwich out of the tote, and then pick off the cheese he didn't want. Did I mention he was about 20? On the way into Rome we saw parts of the ancient Roman aqueduct. Termini (Rome's main train station) was also a breeze. We didn't get hassled in either station. Even better, our taxi ride to the apartment was only 10 euros. The driver dropped us of right in front of a church and we walked down via dei Giubbonari to 97a to meet Cristina. She showed us the apartment and gave us an overview of the neighborhood and how far it is to walk to the major sites. She was very nice and helpful and the apartment is perfect for the four (me, mom, Sue and Lance) of us. It is actually bigger than it looked on the website and the street is great. Lots of shops. And Campo de' Fiore is just down the street. We found a bancomat around the church and then a grocery store to stock up on wine and cheese and crackers and breakfast stuff. After unpacking, we sat down and discovered the cheap wine was really good and we managed to pick out some yummy cheese, despite the fact we had no clue what we were buying. After relaxing and enjoying our snack, we headed out to the Campo de Fiore for dinner. Despite the fact that we were at a people watching place in a piazza, dinner was pretty good. Although the gelato we had later was even better. Melone is the best flavor so far.

Some pictures of the apartment and the view from the windows:

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