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Italy Trip: Day One

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Woo-hoo! We made it all the way to the Hotel Charming in Naples without a hitch.

SLO-SFO - on time and a practically empty plane with only 12 passengers

SFO-Munich - Lufthansa rocks! A few empty seats, decent food and free drinks. Note to self: next time say yes to the free Baileys. The flight went by surprisingly fast despite the cat naps. They fed us dinner (pasta) then six hours later breakfast (some weird egg patty on a bed of spinach). It was a very international flight...lots of Germans, few Americans.

Munich to Naples - short and sweet on Air Dolomiti. Another snack, this time ham and cheese, some crunchy bread cracker-y things, and biscotti. The plane was full of Italians greeting each other in the aisles and drinking wine. Going out to the plane on the shuttle bus we saw our first oh-so Italian expression when the bus closed its doors on a woman and pulled away, leaving her standing there with a classic "hey!" expression.

Naples - We didn't even go through customs, which was weird. They stamped our passport in Germany, so we're legal. I guess. Oh well. Our bags made it safely to Italy and so did we. The security guard suggested we take a taxi to the hotel. I had been advised I might have to pay big bucks for a very short ride, but it was only 12 euros.

Hotel Charming - yes, that is really the name. I tried to practice "I have a reservation" in Italian, but the desk guy already knew who I was. Well, it was 10pm...we must've been the last reservation of the day. The room is small, but perfect, and the bathroom luxurious in comparison, with its heated floor and complimentary toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Tomorrow it's off to Sorrento and on with the trip.

me ready to hit the road (from Naples)

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