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Italy Trip: Day Eleven

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Crap. I'm two days behind on writing, which means I'm already forgetting and this will probably be a shorter entry (editorial comment - hah!). Maybe bullets will work best:
  • This was the day we left Rome. We saw all we wanted to see (except a talking statue, but that's small potatoes), which is good. The food was drab, so it's time to leave. Except for Tre Scalini's gelato - I'll have fond memories of that.

  • We took a cab to the rental car place. Our cabbie got lost and went in reverse up a one way street. Maybe he figured as long as the car was pointing in the right direction it was okay?

  • Our car is an Alfa Romeo - la-ti-da.

  • Lance quickly adjusted to driving in Italy. We got through Rome traffic with only one missed exit, but we were still going in the right direction, so it was all good.

  • We stopped at Civita di Bagnoreggio, which is a bit of a bear to find, but well worth it. It is perched on a hill with only 14 residents left. You walk over a steep bridge from the nearby town of Bagnoreggio to get to it. The air was so clean (although it wasn't very dirty in Rome) and there were very few tourists. We ate at the Trattoria di Antico Forno, where the owner/chef Franco took our picture. He's buds with Rick Steves - there were pictures of Rick everywhere. Despite that, the food was great. We had incredibly garlicky bruschetta. We walked around the little streets, saw great views and never did find any gelato (can you say addicted?).

  • We got back on the A1 north and got to the villa we had rented after about 2 1/2 hours. Exits on the autostrada are few and far between. We got off at Incisa and followed windy roads to the villa. We even took an unintentional detour through Molino del Piano.

  • The villa is bee-you-ti-ful! 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, pool and views everywhere. You can see the castle (Castello del Trebbio) and it's all lit up at night. Alberto checked us in, he's much younger than Kate and I pictured. For some reason we pictured some old guy. But he's very energetic and helpful and fluent in many languages. He called to make us a reservation at Torre al Sasso, a restaurant just up the road. Dinner was good, too. The food in Tuscany is turning out to be much better than the food in Rome.

  • We went a whole day without gelato - the horror!

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avanta7 said...

This isn't a tour of Italy. It's a tour of the gelato stands of Italy!


softdrink said...

Hey, I know what's important. ;-)

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