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Italy Trip: Day Sixteen

Friday, October 05, 2007


Originally, we were going to go to Fiesole today, but we decided Florence was worth one more full day. And after yesterday we didn't want to spend very much time in the car. So we drove to the train station and got on the train. We started our day in Florence by checking out the other recommended gelateria, Grom. Another winner with the darkest chocolate yet. After our snack we went to the science museum (Museo di Storia della Scienza) to see Galileo's middle finger. Okay, we saw other stuff too. Lots of compasses and astrolabes and telescopes and barometers and thermometers and clocks and stuff I have no idea how they even figured out/made work. My favorite was the room filled with globes and old maps. The had a globe surrounded by metal rings showing the planets and the zodiac, which I realize is a lame description. But trust me, it was cool and impressive.

From there we were going to head to the Boboli Gardens but we had a heck of a time finding a restaurant near the Pitti Palace. We finally ended up at Borgo Antico on Piazza Santo Spirito. We were leery at first, because the piazza has a stark look and the place at the other end was ridiculously expensive. But we had an excellent late lunch and then decided we weren't in a garden mood. So we wandered through the markets one last time before returning to the train station. For dinner, we ate cookies at the villa. Hey, when you eat lunch at 4pm, cookies for dinner makes perfect sense.

Some last shots of Florence...

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MackAttack said...

this bottom pic is awesome! will you email me the big file of it? i want to make it my desktop. :)

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