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My car needs a hug

Monday, October 08, 2007

My wonderful, adorable car was the victim of a hit and run on Saturday. It now has a cracked bumper, a smashed and dented tail light, and a dented-in panel below the tail light. I'm very sad for my car, and very, very pissed at the person who ran into it, and then drove off without leaving a note. Can you freakin' believe that?!?!? Asshole driver.

No note, no witnesses, no idea how and when it happened, other than in a parking lot in SLO on Saturday afternoon. I'd post a picture, but it makes me sad to look at the damage

So far, the insurance company has been remarkably easy-going about me making a claim without any idea of how it happened. Well, besides the obvious someone backed into me. So tomorrow I'll be taking my car into the auto body shop to get an estimate. I do have a $500 deductible (which is another reason to be pissed at the above-mentioned asshole driver), but hopefully it will all work out okay and my car will be back to it's normal, perky self in no time.

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MackAttack said...

Oh!!! How sad! And what a hassle! :( I got my car's only ding/dent in a shopping center (annonymously of course) and it upset me... yours is so much worse.


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