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Saturday, December 01, 2007

This year, for the first time ever, I signed up to be a part of the Great International City Swap. You can click on the badge to go to Shelley's site and read all about it.

I sent my package off to Italy (and hopefully the Italian mail will cooperate and Monica will actually get her package...if you're so inclined, please send speedy, efficient vibes to Poste Italiane.)
Now for the good part...I got a package from Adrienne in Tampa, Florida. I actually received my package last week (yikes, almost two weeks ago at this point!), but like I told Adrienne, I'm a slacker.

This was my package, fresh off the doorstep:
See the pictures? Adrienne took those.

Unlike me, she has talent with a camera.
Now for what was inside...

Adrienne made a collage representing a tour of her town. She wrote out an explanation of what she chose, and taped it onto the yellow pages. And included a page from the phone book with the listing for my last name. The collage includes a picture of her spinning on the beach, a receipt from a yummy sounding Cuban meal that she had, a matchbook from one of the many strip clubs in Tampa, grass from the Buccaneer's stadium, and a crumbled cigar.
Here's a final, lame picture of the collage propped up on my desk. That's for Adrienne's boyfriend...tell him it's NOT going in the garage. Please ignore the glare from the flash.
So...many thanks to Shelley for organizing the fun, and a big thank you to Adrienne for her tour of Tampa. I had a blast. :-D

2 comment(s):

Adrienne said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see this!!! I'm delighted you enjoyed your package and I must say your photos do great justice to the piece! You are quite handy with a camera... Even the beat-up old laptop box looks nice. :)


softdrink said...

Adrienne - I point, I click...not quite the same as your beautiful pictures!

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