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Friday, December 07, 2007

You know you're a Packers fan (or a dork) when...

You visit Lambeau Field and it isn't a game day.
And you sign up to take a tour of the stadium.
And you hang out at Curly's Pub, where you see the players walking into the stadium after practicing across the way in their big indoor field.

And you see the ref. And you take his picture, too.

And then you take a picture of the snow, because you still can't get over the fact that you're in Wisconsin.
And then you go on the tour, where you get to see the stadium from a fancy dancy sky box.

And then you get to walk through the tunnel and onto the field. Which was cold.

And then you take another picture of the snow.
And then you head back to the hotel. Because Curly said to.

3 comment(s):

MackAttack said...

Jill - I love all your pictures!! Thanks for taking the time to post (as if you had much else to do...) :)

Was Mitch excited to see the players from the Pub?

Did you make your snowman yet? I want to see a picture of that too!

ourpartyof4 said...

Do you still have your ass or did you freeze it off in WI?

softdrink said...

Mack - No snowman...no fresh snow, and it's too cold too just hang out outside. And yes, Mitch was excited.

Kate - Yup, I'm currently sitting on it. :-D

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