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Game Day

Monday, December 10, 2007

Before we get to the details, a few observations...

  • I don't know why people would choose to live here. Getting ready to go outside is a total pain in the ass. And it's cold. Really, really cold.
  • The people here are very friendly. Which I don't get, considering the cold. Everytime the Packers scored a touchdown I got patted on the back. And my head. Well, actually my cheesehead. And high-fived. Even the waitresses are friendly. Not that I don't like it. I do. It's just a little surreal.

  • I totally get bowling. The warmest I've been in the past 5 days was when we were bowling this afternoon.

Okay, so on to yesterday's game, our whole reason for being here.

The hotel shuttle dropped us off a few blocks from the stadium, so we (along with a horde of people) walked towards the stadium.

Yes, it was cold. I had on long johns (top and bottom), jeans, a turtleneck, a turtleneck sweater, a vest, a jacket, socks, footwarmers (which didn't do squat), boots, gloves, handwarmers, mittens, two scarves, earmuffs, a hat, and a cheesehead.

After a quick search by security and a short walk through the stadium (they were right...there aren't any bad seats!), we were there:

And so was the rest of Green Bay.

Attendance was 70, 800+ fans. And I'd be willing to bet they are the nicest group of 70,800+ people to crowd into a stadium. In this case, crowding is good, because it helps to counter the wind chill. Right before the game started the sun came out. Woo-hoo! It didn't do anything, but it boosted morale. An hour later it was gone and we saw honest to goodness snowflakes. They were quite pretty, you could even see the flake design. But at that point the camera batteries were dead. Which is okay, because it's really difficutl to take pictures with your mittens on.

Anyways, back to the pre-game action. Here's Hamburger looking all excited. Really, he's excited. He's just a little cold.

And here's Favre (the Green Bay quarterback, for all you football neophytes). He's #4.

More warm-ups. Isn't this exciting?
And here's is where the team came out for the game. Go Pack Go! (Yes, I chanted that during the game...we were instructed to leave our inside voices at home).
Look, a fellow fan.
Hold onto your cheesehead! I had mine knocked off a few times.

It's hard to keep track of it when you're wearing a hat and a scarf underneath.

Really, that's me underneath all those layers. Aren't I fashionable?

Oh, and yes, the Packers won. Of course they won, they were playing the Raiders. Although maybe it was because I was wearing my lucky cheesehead.

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LisaMM said...

Looks like fun, but OOOOOOOHHHHH soooooo cold. Brrrrrr. I grew up in Michigan, next door to Wisconsin. Freezing cold for months, ugh. That's why I moved to California, to get away from that nonsense! I'm cold just looking at those pictures. I do have fond memories of snow at CHristmas time, but other than that I do not miss it.

You live along the central CA coast, right? My sister's in Pismo. It gets pretty cold there too (no snow, of course!). I'm in Orange County, where a cold day, like today, is 65 degrees.

Adrienne said...

Um, hi softdrink!!!

While I thought we were developing a beautiful friendship, I just caught the caption under the last photo!!! I'm a Raider fan-grrr!!! I have to root for them because my mom is a die hard fan... Play nice! :)

softdrink said...

Lisa - It's pretty much in the 60s year round here in Morro Bay, so I'm used to it. Wisconsin though...I could never get used to that kind of cold!
That's funny that you have a sister in Pismo...I have a grandma, aunt and cousin in Huntington Beach.
Adrienne - My team = 11-2. Your team (and HB's team, by the way) 4-9. I rest my case. :-D

lisamm said...

We visit Morro Bay everytime we visit my sister in Pismo. It is so beautiful! So much wild sea-life! The last time we were there we went to that restaurant on the pier that has the glass tables you can look through into the water. My kids loved that. There were so many dolphins on our last trip, so close to the beach. It was an awesome sight.

Huntington Bch is right down the street from me. Small world :-)

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