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Our big day at the bowling alley

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To wrap up our fun-filled Wisconsin-in-December vacation, HB and I went bowling yesterday. Yes, bowling. It's indoors, it's warm, and you can say you've gone somewhere and done something.

HB was in bowling league as a kid. (He was in the band, too...he'll admit to being a dork.) So needless to say, he always scores waaaaaaaaay higher than me. 'Cause I pretty much suck at bowling. However, for one brief shining moment I was actually ahead of HB. I even have proof:

Pay no attention to the score on top. Focus on that 69...this was the game where I actually broke 100. Yes, yes, I told you...I'm a lousy bowler. I blame it on the fact that HB bowls so many strikes. I have less time to rest in between frames, or whatever it is they're called.

Here's HB after he bowled (yet another) strike. I was going for the action shot, but he was too quick. If he's going to bowl so many strikes, I'm going to post less than stellar pictures of him.

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MackAttack said...

great payback, jill. :)

i, too, am elated if i break 100!! we should bowl sometime!

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