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And they're off...

Friday, February 01, 2008

A few bloggers from the SlowTrav gang have pledged to blog every day for a month, and I decided to join the fun (ha!). Since all I seem to blog about lately is books, I figure this is the incentive I need to expand my bloggy horizons. However, life has been pretty low-key lately, so this could just end up being nothing more than me boring your pants off on a daily basis.

Some people are going for the 30 (or so) consecutive days option. Others (me included) are opting to blog for the whole month of February. As Krista pointed out, it's the shortest month (despite the fact that it's a leap year), somehow making the whole project sound just a wee bit less intimidating.

Adding to our challenge is the fact that this weekend is the second annual Slow Travel Slow Bowl get together. I'd tell you what that is, but then I'd have to kill you. Okay, not really, but I'm too lazy to write about it in great detail. In case you were wondering though, it doesn't involve the wearing of bowling shoes. I just checked back in the archives to see if I posted about this last year, but evidently I took the whole month of February off from Blogger (although I was still blogging over LiveJournal, something I no longer do). Anyhoosie...Slow Bowl 2008 could put a crimp in the posting for Saturday, since many of us will be out wine tasting in Paso Robles, followed by an evening of really tasty food. And fun conversation. Really, there's more to this than the wine and food. Really.

On the upside, I'll have something to post about on Sunday. Stay tuned.

Also, today is National Wear Red Day here in the US. Wear red to show your support for women's heart disease awareness. I have my red shoes on. Even though they don't really go with my green Packers sweatshirt that I'm wearing for the tailgate potluck we're having at work today in honor of Sunday's big game...lot's of football fans here at Social Services.

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