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Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Thursday! Time for...
This week’s question is suggested by (blogless) JMutford:
Sometimes I find eccentric characters quirky and fun, other times I find them too unbelievable and annoying. What are some of the more outrageous characters you’ve read, and how do you feel about them?

Last week, under the category of Huh?, I mentioned The Roaches Have No King. The narrator, Numbers, is a cockroach. And he likes to talk about his disgusting, cockroachy habits. In terms of outrageousness, that character is at the top of my list. He's gross, and he makes my skin crawl, but I like him because, really, who thinks of making a cockroach the narrator of a book? I like books that are a little different.
And usually, I like quirky and outrageous characters, like Numbers. However, I don't like them if I think they are being that way just to sell a book. Case in point - Dork Whore. Yes, the book is funny, but it gets old after awhile. And the outrageousness is the whole point of the book. I like a little subtlety mixed in with the outrageousness.
Alex, from Everthing is Illuminated, is another quirky character that I liked. Once I figured him out. He's a translator, and his choice of words are often ridiculous. Alex pretty much kept me reading this book, because I kept wondering what he would come up with next. Without him, I wouldn't have made it through to the end.
Then there's Biff. Biff is the childhood pal of Jesus, and he's the narrator of Christopher Moore's Lamb. I love Moore's books, but they're not for everyone. His books are wacky, and quirky, and often outrageous. And they make me laugh. He's another author I appreciate because I don't know how he comes up with this stuff.
And finally, I'll mention American Gods. This book is quirky in a complex way. Lots of subtely mixed into this one! I loved all the characters in this book, because I wanted to know who they really were.
This is by no means the definitive list of quirky characters I like (or don't like). But it's all I can remember for now, and I really should think about getting to work!

4 comment(s):

Maree said...

I have to find that cockroaches book. That's the best title!

Table Talk said...

Someone, I can't remember who, wrote a short story in which the narrator was a cockroach. What is it about these creatures?

Lesley said...

Yes, it was Kafka who made the narrator a roach in Metamorphosis.

Chris said...

That's definitely different!

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