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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I work in a cubicle. Before I started working in a cubicle, I failed to see the humor in Dilbert. Now, I think Scott Adams is a genius. Anyways...I thought I would take you on a tour of my cubicle. This is where I keep all my clutter, and a lot of travel mementos, because I would hate my house if it looked like this, but I need all the distraction I can get at work.

Here is my little cubie. Isn't it both convenient and pathetic that it fits in one picture?

I keep a picture close by of one of my favorite guys. Don't worry, I have a few pictures of Hamburger, too.

I have a corner with pictures of places I've been.

This is my window view.

And these are my favorite Tube posters. The one with the floating people tends to freak people out.
So that's where I spend most of my 40 hours of work each week. There is work related stuff hidden in there somewhere. But who wants to look at that?

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trish said...

Have you read Scott Adams' blog? http://dilbertblog.typepad.com/
And I love your window view! I think I need to buy that poster...I could almost feel the breeze on my neck.

softdrink said...

Trish, I used to have the artist's name at the bottom of the poster, but it got cut off when I had to move into a smaller cubicle. Most people who stop by my cubicle love that poster.

girasoli said...

Great post! It is fun checking out your work space. You are much more organized than I am.

I am trying to guess the location of the pictures. Obviously Rome, Paris, London and I know the one on the far left is of Waimea Bay and I am guessing the one of the two houses is of Haleiwa. Is the palm tree picture also of somewhere in Hawaii? And I am stumped on the other building picture. My guess was Washington DC til I blew it up. Is it of London also?

Great idea posting pictures of places you have been. I may need to do that in my class on the bulletin board by my messy desk.

softdrink said...

Good eye, girasoli!

Clockwise from Waimea...
the Forum
Tower Bridge, London
Buckingham Palace
a shave ice place in Haleiwa
I got it in Paia, Maui, but I can't remember if it says what the view is of...I'll have to check out the back tomorrow.

Oh, and you should see my desk now! It exploded.

lisamm said...

The window poster is so cool! I did a double take!

girasoli said...

I was going to guess Maui or Molokai looking at Maui but wasn't sure. Beautiful regardless.

Buckingham palace. Interesting! The flags were my only clue on that one.

bkclubcare said...

This is great! I love that window poster - so sunny. You are lucky to have a cube with such high walls and offers good picture displaying wallspace.

Chiocciola said...

I love this post! Your cubicle looks great, you have really made the most of it. Beautiful momentos.

Jerry said...

What a great idea. I may do 'where I work' post as well.

Our 'cubicle' dwellers would get into trouble if they had that much 'personal stuff' in their space. Don't you just love 'arbitrary' rules in the workplace?

andasamo said...

Oh dear, here's how pathetically unobservant I am - I didn't clue in that the window was a poster until I read the comments...and then had to go back and see what on earth everyone was talking about! (Probably because I am oh so fortunate as to have an actual floor to ceiling window as the back "wall" of my own cubicle.)

I am also pathetically untalented as far as decorating my own space, but do have paintings by my grandmother and daughter hanging on the wall. Your cubicle's awesome (inasmuch as a cubicle can be, of course.)

softdrink said...

Jerry, now I feel like such a rebel. ;-) I can't believe that! I'd go crazy (okay, crazier) if I had to stare at blank cubicle walls. Or worse, walls with work memos posted everywhere.
Anne...lucky!! I once had a cubicle with a real window. I still miss it.
Glad you all like the window view poster...evidently it's just as captivating on a blog as it is in real life!

Chiocciola said...

Something I really wonder what the obsession with cubicles and open landscapes is all about. When I was working in Oslo, they tore out a bunch of offices to make open landscapes. People were not happy - they had enough space for individual offices (small but nice) so it seemed kind of silly. Over the last 9 months I have had all sorts of seating arrangements; for the last 6 weeks I have been camped out at a small table in my bosses office!

Deborah said...

Jill I LOVE you cubbie!
I never had a cubicle job, and always kind of envied my friends who did.
My husband, Dan, spent a big chunk of his working life in a cubicle.
His favorite Dilbert cartoon was the won with Dilbert staring at his computer screen and chanting:
"Sittin' in a box, checkin' my stocks. Sittin' in a box, checkin' my stocks."

deborah said...

Oopps, I can't spell. 'one' not 'won'. Or, maybe I really did mean 'won'. VBG

Stephanie said...

I just love the window view - I too used to work in a cubicle, but was able to see the outside world when my boss left his door open.

softdrink said...

Thanks Deborah. My favorite is the one where Alice says (and I'm paraphrasing) "I'm sorry, I didn't hear a word you just said. I was thinking about chocolate." In fact, it's taped up in my cubicle.

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