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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My boyfriend is a surfer. Every year he takes off for 3-4 weeks and travels to some remote place in search of great waves. This year, it's Indonesia. A group of 10 guys chartered a boat...they'll be sailing around in search of the best waves Indonesia has to offer. And knowing HB, he'll only get off the boat for a wave. He is so not into any other travel experiences.

HB also makes surfboards as a hobby. He makes all of his own boards, and most of his friends have at least one board that he's made to their specifications.

So HB left today to go up to Monterey, to meet up with the group traveling to Indonesia. He told me when he arrived at his friend Randy's house, the first thing Randy's son Braden said to him was "Hey Mitch, where's my board?" Braden has been surfing for awhile and evidently, he's ready for his very own board from Boards by Burger. HB replied, "It's not your birthday yet dude." Braden informed him it's in July.

Braden is 4.

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Annie said...

We get a lot of hurricanes here in NC and everytime one is on the way, the local news shows contrasting shots - a traffic jam with tourists fleeing the coast and then the surfers out in the water taking advantage of the big waves. It always cracks me up!

Do you surf too?

Eden said...

My children surf in the summer and snowboard in the winter. I like watching the surfing better. My youngest, the more fanatical surfer, started surfing when he was 7. He took lessons from a friend who took him out in the Diamond Head area. He got hooked right away. I have to tell him about your HB being a surf craftsman. He (my son) will be impressed with him going to Indo too.

Annie, I am visualizing the scenario of the two groups on the news. :)

girasoli said...

Wow, how interesting. I used to date a surfer that made boards also. I know the entire procedure and can recognize that resin smell miles away.

softdrink said...

Annie - nope, I'm so not a water person. I stay at home and read. :-)

Eden, fanatical is a great word to describe surfers. Although I'm sure they wouldn't put it that way. ;-)

Girasoli...ugh, I hate that smell! Luckily, HB stopped glassing his boards. He takes them to a local board maker who has already killed his brain cells.

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