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Surf Night

Friday, March 14, 2008

Last night HB and I went to Surf Night at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. Once again, it was a sold out event at the Fremont Theatre. The event was a tribute to 95 year old pioneer surf film maker Bud Brown, and featured his film Surfing the 50's. After the movie there was to be a Q and A session with some of the legendary surfers. There were some amazing legends there, but there were very few Q and A's. Mostly, it was just everyone talking about Bud Brown. Gerry Lopez, Peter Cole (who narrated the film), Fred Van Dyke, Joel Tudor, Linda Benson, Walter Hoffman, and Bruce Brown all spoke and Fred Van Dyke was hysterical. At 78 years young, he couldn't stop talking about about how stoked he was. For the final question, someone asked how old everyone was. They went down the panel, and all of these so obviously mentally and physically fit people were stating their ages...all over 50, most in their 60s, and a few in their 70s. And then they got to Joel Tudor, who was embarrassed to admit he was 31. It was cute.

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girasoli said...

I loved all the links you provided. Interesting reading. I bet that was a great film and a fun night.

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