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A very special guest

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Today, I have a guest here on the blog. I'd like to introduce Gunther.

Gunther: Meep.

Softdrink: Welcome, Gunther. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

G: I'm a 1986 Volkswagon Vanagon. Beige, with a spiffy grey racing stripe. I hang out in front of Hamburger and Softdrink's house, when I'm not cruising with HB, looking for waves. By the way, I think your across the street neighbor hates me. Personally, I think I'm pretty handsome for a 22 year old VW.

S: Crazy Mary has issues. Just ignore her.

G: She can just meep off.

S: Gunther! Watch your language.

G: But she called the cops on me! You remember when my engine quit? And I couldn't go anywhere? And HB was working really had to find me a new engine? She called the cops and told them I couldn't move and they put that mean white stripe on my tires and left a mean note on my windshield. I didn't like that and I don't like her. Although you guys did push me into the driveway and I got to hang there for awhile. That was cool.

S: Vanagons evidently have long memories. Let's move on... You've been with us for about 12 years. What are some of your favorite memories?

G: Well, I've been down to Baja a couple of times with HB and his friends, on surf trips. And I've been to Oregon twice. Once, on the way to Oregon, we stopped at Lassen and went camping. That was fun. HB used to do wheelies with me. That was fun, too, although my shocks didn't like it much. I got to go to Pomona, to the races once. But I broke down on the way home. That's not a good memory. But remember when HB was towing me home on a trailer, with his truck, and we jack-knifed at that stoplight? That was a fun ride! And you said a bad word!!

S: Yup, we learned I scream bad words in scary situations. That was scary, Gunther, not fun.

G: Well, I had a good time. Kinda like being on a ride at Disneyland. At least how I imagine it, seeing's how I've never been to Disneyland.

S: Any other memorable experiences?

G: It's always entertaining when HB locks my keys in me. Meep, meep, meep.

S: Don't laugh at HB, Gunth. So, you're pretty well traveled. What have you been up to lately?

G: Just about every morning HB and I head down to the ocean to drink our coffee and check out the surf. Or we go to the hardware store. That's about it. Every once in awhile, I take Softdrink to work if her car is in the shop. But she drives a Honda, so that's not very often. I have a little temperature issue, so I stick pretty close to home these days. Plus, HB has all those other rides...the truck, and the motorcycles. They take up lots of his time. But he leaves the surfboards in the back of me, so at least I got my buddies to hang with.

S: I think you'll always be HB's favorite Gunth, don't worry. As a well travelled van, do you have any advice for the newer models? Anything you'd like to say to the drivers?

G: Despite what Sammy Hagar says, you can drive 55. Slow down and enjoy the scenery. And stop laughing at me, it's not nice. The rust just adds character...it's the badge of a surf van.

S: You've definitely got character. Thanks for answering my questions today, and for sticking with us for so long. There will always be a place in front of our house for you.

G: Meep.

4 comment(s):

anne said...

Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Gunther - I have always been partial to a VW van!

Hilarious post...what a great imagination you have.

girasoli said...

I saw a shiny new (I'm guessing sort of new) VW van today and immediately thought of Gunther! Funny, I haven't seen a VW van in a long time until today and they used to be so common here in Hawaii.

softdrink said...

Gunther says thanks, Anne!

girasoli, Gunther is so happy you thought him! There are still lots of VW vans around here. We call them Gunther's brothers, or cousins, or grandpa, depending on the model and age. We're goofy.

lisamm said...

Gunther is so cool! We see his cousins and extended family frequently around here too.

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