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Here in Savannah

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hi y'all,

Here I am in Savannah, although I have yet to see much other than some very dark highways and streets. However, I'm staying in the cutest little cottage. Check it out:

This is the loft bedroom, with it's comfy, ginormous bed.

And this is the living room, with a small bedroom behind it. The kitchen is off behind the left of the table.

So I made it here without any problems other than a few wrong turns, because, hello Mapquest?...your directions from the airport suck. Next time I might have to use Google.

Pretty soon I'm going to go exploring, but for now I'm drinking my Emergen-C because I sat next to some guy who snivelled and hacked his way from Atlanta to Savannah. That was gross. He was with someone who sat behind me, and I thought I was being all sly by offering to switch seats with her. Come to find out it was his mom, and her husband was going to be sitting next to her. Damn. She thought I was sweet for offering, though. Hah, little does she know.

Okay, time to go see if I can tell north from south and not get lost! Stay tuned...

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Eden said...

How exciting! I wish I were in Savannah too... but not this time. :(

Enjoy. I will be anticipating the Southern blog entries.

My daughter is a huge fan of Emergen C. She even bought me a pack so I can fend the 5 year old sneezes.

LisaMM said...

Looks like a lovely place to stay! Have fun. Carry hand sanitizer.

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