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Croatia or bust

Friday, May 30, 2008

When I'm not reading, I'm dreaming of my next vacation. Ever since I returned from Savannah, I've been thinking about where I could go next. (Actually, I'm going to Sunriver, OR at the end of July, but that doesn't count, because it's Hamburger's family reunion, and we go every year. Well, he goes every year. I go more like every other year. Because I like to go other places, too.)

I was thinking about eastern Canada. Montreal, Nova Scotia, PEI... But then, for Mother's Day, we took our mom's out to dinner and I was talking to Hamburger's mom, who also loves to travel, and with whom I spent a month in Italy last year (along with her husband and my mom). So Sue (that would be Hamburger's mom) was saying how much fun they had in Italy, and how they'd love to travel with us again, and I asked if she had any ideas for places to go. And Sue said, Croatia. And I said, okay. I mean, hello? Europe, history, old places, a place I've never been, people who let me do all the planning...I'm so there. Except I have to hoard my vacation time for about a year, and build the bank account back up. So the plan is for Croatia in 2010.

I've already bought a book. I'm sure that comes as no surprise.

So have any of you all ever been to Croatia? Or, do you have any books about Croatia that you would recommend? I just read a book about Kazakhstan, so there's gotta be someone out there who has read books set in Croatia!

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girasoli said...

I have read so many wonderful things about Croatia. It is on my list of places to see. Great choice for a new destination. Don't know of any books but Slow Travel of course will provide you will tons of info.

Stephanie said...

Croatia is the new "it" place to be, so I'm sure you can find plenty of info on the net or at the bookstore!

Sandrac said...

That sounds like a great plan, Croatia does sound wonderful. I have a good friend here who is originally from Bosnia (she fled during the war, but now goes home to see family a lot) She raves about Croatia, especially Dubrovnik. And I've heard the island of Hvar is pretty cool. I'll ask her for some ideas.

But it really is becoming so popular that there is a lot of good info out there. And Tony da Roma on Slow Travel has been trying to get a branch of his tour business going in Croatia. He might have some good ideas as well!

bkclubcare said...

This sounds GREAT! I am so much more adventuresome than Hub, so I'll prob never get to Croatia... Nova Scotia, however, is on our short list!

anne said...

I would love to go to Croatia. From the little bit I've read, it sounds amazing. I have it on my short list, if I ever make it out of Italy!

And Cheers for Nova Scotia! (No, I'm not biased in favour of my home, what are you talking about?!)

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