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My Best Friend's Girl

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Best Friend's Girl
Dorothy Koomson
March 2008
480 pages

This book was almost but not quite chick-lit. It was actually a good story and I was getting into it, but every once in awhile it faltered. Actually, I don't read chick-lit, so I guess I really shouldn't classify it as almost-not quite...more like almost what I would imagine chick-lit to be.

Kamryn is all set to enjoy her birthday when she gets a letter from her estranged friend Adele. Kamryn hasn't spoken to Adele since she discovered Adele had a one night stand with Kamryn's fiance...and that her fiance was the father of Adele's child. That discovery ended both their friendship, and Kamryn's engagement. Now Adele is dying of leukemia and she wants Kamryn to care for her daughter.

At first Kamryn is resistant, but she can't resist either Adele or her daughter, Tegan. Before she knows what's hit her, Kamryn is home in Leeds, with a new daughter and a new boss, who becomes the new boyfriend. And then Nate shows up. The ex-fiance. And Kamryn turns into a giant ball of conflicted emotion.

Around the time the new boyfriend, Luke, showed up, I began to notice a veritable plethora of cos's. I say veritable plethora, because when I was in high school and we had our weekly vocab lists, those two words appeared on the same week, and I've never been able to separate them. Anyways...this is an English book, and every once in awhile but not too much, an English turn of phrase pops up. And I don't know if using cos in place of because is an English slang thing, but I could have done without it. Not that I don't like slang. I mean, hello, I read my blog, and I know I'm all over the slang. I even use 'cause on occasion. But using cos right and left in a book I was really getting into, made me not so into it anymore. Added to that the waffling between Luke and Nate, and now you know why I felt like I was entering chick-lit land.

Still, in the end, I liked it. I'm not really sure why I'm nit-picking. I didn't like Three Cups of Tea, and all I said about that was that it was boring. Although in my book, that's a pretty harsh tag for a book.

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Julie P. said...

I have this one in my TBR. I was saving it for vacation. Your review gives me something to look forward to -- thanks!

softdrink said...

It'll be a good vacation book. Enjoy!

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