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The Virgin of Small Plains

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Virgin of Small Plains
Nancy Pickard
May 2007
351 pages

In 1987, during a blizzard, the body of a young woman is found in a field. Her identity and her death remains a mystery to town of Small Plains, Kansas. Over the years, she is given mystical powers...it is said that the Virgin performs miracles.

During that same blizzard of 1987, Mitch Newquist disappears from the lives of his best friends, Rex and Abby. His parents pack him off to boarding school in Chicago, and he is never heard from again.

17 years later, the Judge's wife wanders off into the cold and dies at the grave of the Virgin. Suddenly, Abby becomes curious about what really happened back in 1987. Who was the Virgin? Why did Mitch leave? And just as Abby starts questioning the past, Mitch reappears and begins asking his own questions. Together, their questions will dig up answers to the mystery surrounding the Virgin of Small Plains.

I really enjoyed this book. It had a good story, and interesting characters. And a good mystery, without being so convoluted that I couldn't follow it, or enjoy the story. Pickard also did a good job portraying small town life in Small Plains, and the people who live there. Two thumbs up.

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girasoli said...

You sure have been busy catching up on your book reviews. I am still working on my one book that renewed today for 3 more weeks. Not turning the computer on and watching TV would probably help.

softdrink said...

My blog definitely interferes with my reading!

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