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Monday, June 16, 2008

Okay, technically Anne guessed the correct number of earrings...yes, I wear six (6) earrings. Which according to Oprah magazine is trashy (and that pretty much cemented my further non-relationship with anything Oprah...first she chooses Eckhart, then she picks on my ears...hmmmph). Actually, any more than two (one in each ear) is trashy, so god only knows what I'm considered. Is there a scale of trashiness?

Girasoli actually came the closest to guessing the earring to ear ratio...she was right on with the 5 in the left ear, but missed it by one for the right (which only has one lonely piercing). But don't feel too sorry for her...she's off to Italy soon!

So, Anne...I'm guessing you want I Capture the Castle? Good thing you're in Canada, otherwise Lisa would be hunting you down. Although she needs another book like I need another hole in my, well, ear. Email me (fizzybeverage at gmail dot com) with your address and let me know if this is, indeed, the book you want.

And stay tuned for more book giveaways. I promise I won't make you guess how many tattoos I have. (None, by the way.)

3 comment(s):

girasoli said...

:) You continually make me laugh. Congrats Anne! Enjoy the book.

LisaMM said...

I would not hunt her down, sheesh. And I do need more books, continuously!!

anne said...

Oh yay! I never win anything - thanks Jill!! I'll send you my address pronto!

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