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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

No, not you. Me. I'm a slacker. I read three books this weekend and have I posted a single review? Nope. I have one half written. Am I working on it? Nope. Instead, I'm sitting here in a hotel room in Monterey (work conference...again), clicking refresh to see if the Lakers have lost yet (no such luck...and no, I'm not watching the game on tv, because I'm not at home, and when I'm not at home I like to live without the tv as a constant presence, because Hamburger is addicted to the damn thing), reading blogs, playing spider solitaire, and generally being a hermit. Because, you know, I'm in Monterey...I could be out at Cannery Row, or Fisherman's Wharf. But I'm not. I'm hanging out in a hotel room where the drapes match the bedspread. Honestly, how scary is that?

However, on the bright side, I started I Capture the Castle today. I absolutely love the first sentence, "I write this sitting in the kitchen sink."

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Eden said...

... being a hermit. I am like that too. Last three day weekend, what was that? Memorial day? I stayed home and did not get out of the house except to go to church. I love being a hermit.

When I retire, I am going to be so good at it, because I practice every chance I get!

softdrink said...

I'm in good company with my hermit-like tendencies!

Sandrac said...

What a wonderful first line for a novel. This looks very intriguing, are you planning to review I Capture the Castle?

BTW, I revel in being a slacker.

girasoli said...

So you are cheering for the Lakers to lose? I thought you would want them to win? I also can happily spend day after day slacking.

softdrink said...

Girasoli, both HB and I are so not Laker fans. Actually, it's Kobe we object to. So we are most definitely rooting against the Lakers. In fact, who they play is pretty much irrelevant...we just want the Lakers to lose.

Sandra, yes I'll be reviewing this, but it'll be awhile, because I'm only on p. 39. In fact, I think I'll be giving it away, so stay tuned!

M said...

I Capture the Castle is a wonderful book. It is also a movie. if you are into watching movies made from books, I would highly recommend the movie!

trish said...

OMG! We were in Carmel the same time you were in Monterey! If I'd known, we coulda met up at a library or book store or something. :-)

softdrink said...

Well, damn. I missed a chance to meet Trish. Except weren't you on your honeymoon?

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