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The Sunday Salon: a trip to Icehotel

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy Sunday everyone.

Earlier today I finished The Reincarnationist. It was a good treadmill book. A little reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code (yes, I admit to reading it), but still entertaining. I had a few issues with it, but I'll save them for a later review.

I just started reading The Palace of the Snow Queen, by Barbara Sjoholm. This book has been sitting in the TBR pile for awhile, and after Octavian Nothing (which I found disappointing), followed by The Reincarnationist, I needed something different. I think this book is definitely unlike anything I've read recently. And not so recently. The author writes about her winter travels through Lapland. Brrrrrr. While I'm only on page 37, I'm enjoying it. Sjoholm starts her first trip to Lapland with a visit to Icehotel. (By the way, she doesn't stay at the hotel...she visits to watch it being built.)

Since the book has no pictures, I had to go and google Icehotel. Pretty, huh? Except a single night's stay costs a minimum of $500. Of course, snowsuit and mittens are included in that price. Because you have to get all bundled up to go to bed.

$500 to freeze my butt off?!?! No, thank you. This is one instance where I'm glad to be reading, not experiencing.

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anne said...

There's an Icehotel in Quebec too. I've briefly thought about staying there sometime...but I too have better uses for my money than paying to freeze my butt off!

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