- Fizzy Thoughts: What do earrings have in common with books, anyway?

What do earrings have in common with books, anyway?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Obviously, I'm still in slacker mode. I even missed Booking through Thursday this week. But I have three books to talk about, and a whole mess of books to somehow give away, and an incredibly ridiculous line from the Monterey conference to discuss, so I've got no excuse for blogger's block (that would be my bloggie equivalent of writer's block). I know, you're probably just interested in the book giveaway, but guess what? You have to sit through all the reviews first, and no, I'm not going to post them all today. Hah! I have a bit of an evil streak, and I take full ownership of it.

But I'll tell you what...how about we have a little pre-giveaway giveaway? I currently have these books sitting around taking up space:

Three Junes

The Way Life Should Be

Woman in Red

C'est la vie

Ines of My Soul

I Capture the Castle

I will send the book of their choice from the above list (although the book may not be the exact version I linked to...some of the covers are different) to the first person who can correctly guess how many earrings I wear. Not pairs of earrings, but the total number of earrings I stuck in my ears. I'll even let you choose an extra book if you can tell me how many earrings go in the left ear, and how many in the right. Okay, it's a weird way to run a contest, but hey, I never claimed to be normal.

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LisaMM said...

Ok, I really really want I Capture the Castle, so I'm going to give it a go. I feel a kinship toward you, almost sister-like, so I'm going to guess that you have the same number of holes in your ears as my real life sister-- that makes no sense, but the contest is a little wacky , so what the heck! My guess is 3 in the right ear, 2 in the left. I hope I'm right! But probably not!! LOL

anne said...

Well, I had not heard of I Capture the Castle before, but now I want it too!! I'm hoping the number of books on your list was a hidden clue, although not sure how to split it up. I'll go for symmetry and guess 3 earrings in each ear.

Fingers crossed!!

Eden said...

Hi Jill,

C'est la vie sounds like light reading so I am raising my hand for that... Earrings? Now I am picturing you standing by the dining room door at SlowBowl party and thinking if I looked at your ears... so here is my wild guess... 5 on right and three on left... :)

girasoli said...

Late to the party. I would have guessed 3 and 2 also, but since that is taken, I am guessing 5 on the left and 2 on the right.

dolls123 said...

4... 2 in each ear


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