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I'm a Mexican Chocolate Loaf Cake

Friday, July 25, 2008

So Rachael's question was: If you were a dessert, what would you be? Simple, seasonal fruit? Layers of cake and frosted sugar? Creamy pudding goodness? Is there a dessert book you would recommend? (Note: any answers may be consumed)

I was thinking about this question on the drive home from work today, and I decided that I'm a Mexican Chocolate Loaf Cake. Not that I remotely resemble a Mexican Chocolate Loaf Cake. Well, maybe a bit on the loaf part. Anyhoosie, I love this dessert because it's chocolate. Except it's chocolate and more. It also has hints of orange, and coffee, and cinnamon. It's a little different, and it's not to everyone's taste, although some people love it. Kinda like me. ;-)

So for dessert, I'm all about the chocolate. Fruit is good, but it's fruit...not dessert. And I prefer my chocolate in cake form, or cookie form, or ice cream form. I'm not so much a pie or pudding person. Although I have been known to eat them. And peach cobbler and I get along exceptionally well. Especially warm, with ice cream on top. And cheesecake...a local restaurant, Taco Temple, makes amazing cheesecakes (except for the cambozola one we tried once..ick). My favorite is the peanut butter cheesecake...dense, not too sweet, and with a chocolate cookie crust and chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. Yum.

I place the blame for my love of dessert squarely at my mom's feet. She is a fantastic cook, and baker, and she almost always packed homemade cookies in our school lunches (sandwich, fruit, cookies). Although Oreos were also popular at our house.

Since I don't bake all that often, I don't have a favorite dessert book. I do however, have a couple of favorite dessert blogs. The above mentioned Mexican Chocolate Loaf Cake came from Baking Bites. And Annie's Eats has some incredible recipes. If you're feeling fruity, I recently made this cake for a baby shower at work, and it was a huge hit. And doesn't this Reese's Cup Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake look tasty?

Hamburger (since girasoli asked about him) is more of an ice cream for dessert person. Particularly cookie dough ice cream with lots and lots of caramel sauce and some M&M's tossed on top for good measure. That boy is all about the toppings.

What is your favorite dessert?

6 comment(s):

lisamm said...

OMG Peanut butter cheesecake (or peanut butter ANYTHING!) is my favorite.

Looks like the blogger block has lifted :-)

softdrink said...

Lisa, if you're ever in the neighborhood, I'll take you to Taco Temple for dessert!

Rachael said...

Great. Now I'm drooling. And I'll be tracking through all those dessert blogs for days. Yum. Peanut Butter cheesecake sounds eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-my-head with-a-slight-moan lovely and peach cobbler is comfort dessert.

I love the combination of chocolate, orange and cinnamon. But only in hot cocoa. Oh, and I prefer my cake unfrosted. Luckily, the hubby takes my extra frosting.

I married a frosting and ice cream aficionado.

For me? I would be be a wild berry cobbler with biscuit topping: the potential for sweetness, but you've got to get through the tartness. A wee bit flaky and/or lumpy, but somehow I hold it all together.

That was a delicious post! Thank you.

Dar said...

What a yummy post! The Mexican Chocolate Loaf Cake is a definite must to try-chocolate, orange, cinnamon-coffee-OMG is all I can say to that! My favorite dessert is cheesecake-yummo, although not with peanut butter(allergies). Thanks for the fun post-it was great.

softdrink said...

Dar and Rachael - you two should definitely make the cake...it's ridiculously easy.

trish said...

I'm not so much of a dessert person as I am a sugar person. I'm usually full from dinner, so dessert isn't even tempting. But if I am going to eat *dessert*, I like frosting (without the cake) (vanilla or chocolate buttercream), sopapillas with lots of powdered sugar, or ice cream.

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