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Friday, August 01, 2008

It should come as no surprise that Hamburger is the athlete in this relationship. He's been surfing since he was 14 or 15. Me, I don't do water. But I can woo-hoo with the best of them.

Sunriver has a new Flow Rider machine. I have it on good authority (Hamburger) that this is nothing like surfing. Or skateboarding. Or snowboarding. It is hard. Hamburger and Lance (his step-dad, who also surfs) tried it for a solid hour, and barely managed to stay standing for more than 2 seconds. In fact, the first 1/2 hour was pretty comical (at least from where we were standing), as we had front row seats for wipe-out after wipe-out after wipe-out. But we were supportive when they did manage to stand up. Really. I hooted and hollered. And okay, I laughed. A lot.

Behold, a surfer trying to figure out a wave machine...

First, a little fun on the boogie board.

Ummm, Hamburger? Even I know you're supposed to be ON the board.

Woo-hoo, he's standing up!

Although not for long...

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Lisa said...

Hi Jill!

I came across your blog while doing some research and wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. Well, that and congratulate you for the Green Bay trip!! I'm a Wisconsinite myself and even I can't believe how frigid this winter was! But snow days at Lambeau are uh-mazing!

Anywho, on to my original reason for being here! I am a book publicist. I reach out to bloggers and online writers and offer them books for review on their blog/site. I would like to invite you to stop by my site (http://onlinepublicist.net) and take a look at my current projects. If any of them interest you, send me a note through the contact page and we'll go from there!

We seem to have many online friends in common (how have we never met before?!) so feel free to ask around about me. I guarantee working with me is fun and painless!!

Hope to hear from you soon!

All Best,
Lisa Roe
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girasoli said...

That looks pretty difficult! The space is so tiny. That must also throw Hamburger off if he is used to the big ocean. And did you try??

LisaMM said...

Jill, that last photo is CLASSIC!!! You should blow that up poster size and frame it!

Jerry said...

That looks like surfing to me - especially the falling off of the board part! Smile

softdrink said...

girasoli...ha! No, I kept my feet firmly on the cement.

Lisa, we actually have a very nice photo of hamburger surfing a great wave in Panama...it's framed and hanging up in the office. Somehow, I don't think he would like to see the wipeout shot next to it.
Hmmm, but maybe I should change his desktop picture on his computer...

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