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Just shoot me now

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So I've mentioned before that I was at a work conference last month. The first day featured two key note speakers in the morning. Very smart, well-respected individuals. Although I'd never heard of them...but then, what do I know?

The audience gobbled up the presentations. During the question and answer period everyone was all "that was just the most inspiring speech, blah, blah, blah, kiss, kiss, kiss." Except for me. I've never doodled over my notes so much as I did that day. I have a whole page covered with swirls and flowers and mazes. But I had to write down this line, which one of the speakers had up on PowerPoint:

"Many efficacy-tested interventions found ineffective
-when standing alone
-when taken to scale"

Good grief! And yes, if I stop and think about it, I can figure out what it means. Sort of. But hello?? People don't talk like this in the real world. At least my people don't.

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Brad'll Do It said...

No wonder the audience "gobbled up" the presentation, it was "gobbledegook" for those turkeys. If ever there was "corporate double-speak" (a phrase which in itself is what it's describing... is there a word for THAT?), the phrase "Many efficacy-tested interventions found ineffective" is certainly exemplary.

bethany said...

i have no idea what that means...crazy talk.

softdrink said...

Not only is it crazy talk, it's drive you crazy talk.

Jerry said...

ARGH - it sounds like a good time for 'corporate buzz-word BINGO'. The sad thing is that some folk eat that nonesense up!

Sandrac said...

Wow, that really is a crime against comprehension. I also have no idea what those powerpoint phrases mean, which may be the idea.....

Annie said...

LOL. I'm clueless. I would have been doodling too!

Dewey said...

I hate power point presentations SO MUCH. Did they have lots of spinning neon green text? WAY too loud audio? Did they read everything up there to you, only in a very halting way, mispronouncing some words? Did you have to sit for 10 minutes while they got the technology working?

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