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Monday, July 28, 2008

Lisa, blog topic suggester extraordinaire, listed all these questions as prompts. And I'm going to give short answers to all of them to make up a post. So here we go...

Pet peeves? neighbors who let their dogs bark all day and night, when someone clicks the top of a pen over and over and over again (I ignored this when I was a teacher, and now it drives me batty), people who jaywalk in front of my car verrrrrrrry slowly (yes, you teenage punks, I'm talking about you!)

Politics? Politicians don't impress me much. Especially ones of the Republican variety.

Local news? Our local news station, KSBY, has the most annoying graphics/sound things going on...at the intro, and before every commercial, the graphics sweep onto the screen, complete with a very loud swooshing noise...it's quite annoying and I can barely stand to watch the news anymore.

Hurricane Dolly? I knew there was a hurricane in Texas, but I'm ashamed to say we haven't been introduced, so I didn't know her name. Probably because I'm avoiding the swooshy news. And I changed my home page at work from MSN to Google, so I don't see any headlines.

What color your toenails are painted? The OPI bottle was missing it's sticker and I don't know the current bizarre name for a fairly sedate (for me) tulipy red color.

Favorite cocktail (including the recipe) a la Doreen Orion in Queen of the Road? We don't drink much at home, only when we're out. That makes me sound prudish, doesn't it? But I'm a lightweight, so I don't drink much. My favorite drink is a margarita on the rocks. With salt. I think the recipe involves tequila, triple sec, lime juice and some ice cubes. That's not very special, is it?

Favorite childhood vacation? I lived in BFE, Oregon for 5 years...which was pretty much the equivalent of camping. Therefore, we didn't need vacations. Seriously, I don't remember us taking vacations, even after we moved back to California. We'd go visit family and my cousins would take me to Disneyland. This is probably why my mom and I like to travel so much now.

Worst thing about getting older? Thinking about how many more years I still have left at my job...man that's depressing. Not that I want to be older, but even if I retired at 55, I'd have 16 more years to go. Holy crap!!

Recent dreams/nightmares? I very rarely remember my dreams, and I even more rarely (?) have nightmares. Thank goodness.

Thoughts on marriage? Since I'm not religious, marriage has no meaning or importance for me. I don't need a piece of paper, or society's approval, to validate my relationship. And I really don't like how the government feels like it can dictate who can be married, and who can't.

Children? Nope, don't want 'em. If I did, I suspect I would feel differently about marriage, too. Hamburger and I both enjoy doing our own thing too much to want the responsibility of children. Our families have never pressured us to get married or have kids. We used to have friends who felt compelled to point out that we need/have to have children. That's a sure-fire way to piss us both off.

People who take crazy risks? Just the thought makes my palms sweat. I am such a wimp. I can't imagine putting my life on the line to jump off of a bridge, or drive 300 mph, or climb high mountains (hello? frostbite??). Plus, I think it's beyond rude to worry other people if you do things like that.

What you're having for dinner (incl. the recipe)? I had leftover pasta with a little bit of jarred pesto. No recipe required (have you figured out that I'm lazy?).

Favorite restaurant? Taco Temple, here in Morro Bay. I do believe I've mentioned their desserts many a time. This is a local hangout, in a tiny little building in the corner of a grocery store parking lot. I love, love, love it.

Stupid pet tricks? I don't do pets, for the same reason I don't do kids. And I don't think I've ever seen a stupid pet trick. Stupid pets, though...that's a whole 'nother story.

Most memorable concert you ever attended? Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Santa Barbara Bowl, which is a beautiful place. Everyone should see a concert there. Although Sting at the Mid-State Fair was memorable, too, because he alienated the crowd when he sang Home on the Range.

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bkclubcare said...

Lots of good stuff here. I'm going to do my own list/count of moves...

LisaMM said...

LOL I never suspected you'd put all that in one post!! However I'm glad you did because it was very enlightening! And Fun! Thanks!

Park Avenue Princess said...

Thank you for all of your kindness...I'd like you to check my blog...I'm still waiting for my second surgery, but I nominated you for an award!


chartroose said...

Well then, umm, just well then. I can't really think of anything earth-shattering to say, but what else is new?

I like your attitude, especially your opinions re: marriage/babies. Right on!

girasoli said...

I first read this post this morning before I was fully awake and at first thought the entire post was about pet peeves. I coudn't figure out what your pet peeve was about Dolly (since it wasn't really a hurricane). Then I got it when I read about your toenail color.

I used to think that way about retirement but now that I have 7 to go (when I will be 55 & have 30 years) I am getting pretty excited! I will still have to work but won't be tied to the state anymore for retirement stuff.

Rachael said...

I totally dig your writing style. You crack me up!

What fun, getting to see little pixelated pieces of you. I think you are extremely responsible in your attitude of why make people worry by doing silly stunts. LOL!

As a mom, I love my kids. It was the right choice for me, as a person. But. I respect people who decide they don't want kids. And who have to guts to embrace that opinion. We made the grandmas wait 3 whole years. Four if you count the meeting and dating phase. No wonder my mother-in-law hates me.

M said...

i like your answers. i bet it is fun to hang out with you.

softdrink said...

Thanks everyone...too bad you all aren't in Sunriver hanging out with me. I'm a little bored at the moment.

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Ooh I love these questions and especially your answers. I planned on writing a post about my views on marriage since someone asked me, and the sneak preview is that they're pretty similar to yours. Thanks for sharing all this!

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