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The Reincarnationist

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Reincarnationist
M.J. Rose
September 2007
458 pages

This was another recent read that was a bit of a disappointment. Oh sure, I enjoyed the story. It just didn't quite live up to all the hype. Like I mentioned previously, it was faintly reminiscent of The Da Vinci Code. I think it was all those Roman churches and temples.

Josh Ryder was a photojournalist on assignment in Rome when he became the victim of a suicide bomber. After the explosion, Josh began to experience the memories of an ancient Roman priest. Unsure of what is happening to him, Josh quits his job and joins the Phoenix Foundation, a group who does past life regressions with children.

A year later, Josh finds himself back in Rome with a colleague, to explore the recently discovered burial site of a Vestal Virgin. As his ancient memories intensify, Josh feels compelled to protect the Vestal Virgin, Sabina. Unfortunately, the bad guys are after the treasure Sabina was buried with, and Josh suddenly finds himself in middle of murder and mayhem. And flashbacks to ancient Rome.

I will say that this book has The Da Vinci Code beat. The reincarnation stuff (and I say stuff because I got lost a few times) adds an interesting twist, although it does get a bit heavy. And the end left me a bit empty. I needed a bit more resolution (or follow through, or something) for some of the characters.

Still, I liked the story. But it's not going to stick with me.

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bethany said...

I like the cover of this one...sorry it wasn't so good. I haven't read the Da Vinci code either. what is my deal?! did you like the Da Vinci code? i was actually going to watch the movie, but it looked too scary!

softdrink said...

It's been awhile since I read it, but I enjoyed it at the time. It's nothing great...just an intrigue/adventure type story. I don't remember it being scary...but then I read about vampires. ;-D
I never did see the movie.

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